today I am feeling good

I don’t want to become one of those people who only have something to say when times are hard or when I’m not feeling well. I think that is how you let your MS become a hardship that defines you.  It isn’t that I mind or am unappreciative when one of the first things that people ask is “how are you feeling?”, I actually appreciate it quite a bit! But I don’t want that to be all that people think of when they think of Kate Hunter. I want to be a voice in the MS community, and amongst my family and friends, that shouts out about the ways I am taking control of my health and I want to blog about the days that are “good” and the things going on in my life that make me happy. I want to spend time talking about the things I am passionate about. I want to write about the positive things that my MS diagnosis has done for me. I’d like to share the crazy, yummy recipes that my 14 year old daughter and I come up with on the fly and post the pictures we take in the kitchen (lots of them) and how we want to help spread the word about this country needing a Food Revolution.

Before I had my first big relapse, (hard for me to call it that because for me it wasn’t a “re” anything. My MS did not come on slowly, it just hit me like a mac truck) I worked as a full-time paramedic, sometimes as many as 60 hours a week and I was technically a single mom with 3 kids. I had been dating my partner at that time for about 5 months. I suddenly went from being a very productive and social, self-supporting woman to someone who spent a lot of time fighting for disability benefits, withdrawing from friends and losing that drive to do something meaningful with her life. Sure I was a parent and that is meaningful, but it has honestly taken me these 5 years to stop feeling sorry for myself all of the time (I still have moments), awaken some sort of spiritual connection, and realize that even though I can’t entirely control how I am going to feel from one day to the next with this unpredictable disease, I can take care of myself the best ways that I know how and I can spend the time and energy that I have on teaching these things to my kids and to others. And even though I cannot get up everyday and go to “work”, I can get up every day, have and show gratitude and stay passionate about the things I believe in.

me and my daughters, Sunny and Hannah.


About kateshunter

First and foremost, I am a mom to 3 amazing and unique kids. Up until I was diagnosed with RRMS in February of 2007, I worked as a full-time paramedic in some high call volume cities. This took me away from my home for an average of 52 hours a week. I have had a difficult time excepting that my MS will probably keep me from ever returning to a full-time job outside of my home until recently, when I realized that there is a blessing in this. I do have remittance of my MS, and although there are symptoms that stay with me all of the time, I am able to enjoy my family and take better care of myself than would be possible if life was still how it was before that fateful day in 2007. I started a blog that is devoted to my MS struggles and triumphs, focusing on my experiences with Tysabri and documenting my relapses. I mentioned early on that I would love to cure my MS with my vegan diet but have since changed my stance on that. I am managing my MS by eating a whole foods, plant-based diet in addition to getting the best MS care available to me at the MS Clinic at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. I'm currently enjoying life in my beautiful home in Western MA. with my partner, my two teenage daughters and my teen-age step-son. My daughter Sunny and I are actively spreading the word about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet and hoping to turn kids and grown-ups a like on to the fun that can be had at our CSA farm and in our kitchen! Check out our blog at
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